Neha Kaul

After lots of convincing and persuasion, she finally got her opportunity to intern at Corcoise. Neha interned as a teenager and returned to studying, to complete her education.

For a few months she did educational content creation, with innovative stories for kids, with Iken Publications. But then, came back to her calling for film making.

She never went to a film school, just dreamed about films! And so with no such background of an extravagant film course, she learnt everything that she knows today, under her mentors Prasoon Pandey and Cyrus Pagdiwala, in the aspects of direction and production.

She too believes in what her mentors endorse “Films are made with your gut”. So with that gut instinct, she turned cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans. But despite all this, Prasoon feels there is one thing she lacks…….. “Moochey” (moustache).