Neha Kaul

A dynamic & versatile filmmaker who has learnt her craft and honed her skills in Corcoise over the past decade. She’s a classic product who is adept at painting her thoughts on celluloid as much as is able to outwit you in production. Learning the tricks of the trade under the mentors, Prasoon Pandey & Cyrus Pagdiwala, Neha picked up on their philosophy of ‘films are made with your gut’ and for that extra punch, there’s chai.

Following her instinct, Neha plunged into the only thing her heart knew, her craft! Since then she hasn’t looked back and in a short period of time worked for brands like Pidilite, Adani Group, Vodafone, Indian Premier League, Unilever and internationally for Supercell, dazzling them with her creative contribution, craft, dedication, and attention to detail in her films.

Staying true to the spirit of Corcoise, Neha believes there’s no supplement to hard work and honesty. That’s what she strives to achieve – every day, in every film. Not surprising that so quickly her work has found admiration in the Indian advertising market and you’re right, we are damn proud of her!

When not working, you’ll find her indulging in soft music with hard liquor and polite conversations with stronger comebacks.